Your Vote Counts

Readers shape the Emergents Universe

From the Cosmetic . . .

From left to right: Face-off, Murder Board, Defeat
Main cover of THE NINE #2 by Steve Ellis
(top) The Chronarchivist’s first appearance in THE NINE #0 (bottom) Her new look in THE NINE #6

. . . to the Cosmic

Time Blotter and Devastatrix travel to D-Day in The Nine #2
Readers chose the venue for Phaeton’s big meltdown in THE NINE #3
Zeroth Hour reading order: THE NINE #5, #ZOEMG #4, THE NINE #6

Your votes can even have unexpected outcomes

Main Cover of EMERGENTS PRESENTS #1 by Julian Lopez
Cover art for THE ABYSS #1 by Cliff Richards (artist) and Chris Sotomayor (colorist)

How will you shape the Emergents Universe?



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