NFT Ownership and YOU

3 min readMay 12, 2022


Redefining digital ownership for fans

While many of you are likely familiar with digital comics services, one of the biggest problems we wanted to solve was the fact that subscription services merely license content for readers. Sure, it’s great to have access, but just like a movie streaming service, users have no say in what content is available or even what content gets removed!

So, we put our heads together and figured out how to create a platform for true digital ownership: enter NFTs on Tezos. Keep reading to find out how we’re pioneering digital entertainment, giving collectors unprecedented freedom to interact with their digital objects.

The InterPop Comics store is where you can purchase NFT editions of digital comics

We here at InterPop subscribe to the revolutionary idea that when we sell you something, you should actually own whatever it is you purchased. That’s one of the areas where NFTs create opportunities that were previously impossible.

When you purchase an NFT comic from InterPop Comics, you own it. It’s that simple. Want to give it to your friend for their birthday. You can do it easily. Want to sell it on a secondary market like or trade it for something else? Go for it! You can check out our helpful tutorial to learn all you need to get started.

We see something in NFTs that physical and traditional media can’t offer. For owners, it means that the lines are more blurred between the physical and digital items in our collections, removing the thumb of previous digital content models. It also unlocks the power for our readers to actively shape a comic book universe as it’s evolving.

Redefining digital compensation for creators

Another dimension of this new form of digital ownership is the unprecedented ways in which NFTs allow creative contributors to receive perpetual royalties on their work. Everyone from the writer, artist, letterer (assuming they’re different people!), etc. who contributed to an Emergents comic or is selling their work on our NFT marketplace, MinterPop, has a permanent royalty attached to it. That means that every time it’s sold, they get compensated.

NFT artwork from Steve Ellis and Colleen Doran sold on MinterPop

In a world full of controversy regarding the unfairness of existing models in the entertainment industry, our solution offers the solution of a line to creators for fans to directly support the ones they choose.

Choose your own experience

Since our passion for true digital ownership is underpinned by the idea that we shouldn’t be forced to accept the ways things are. With that in mind, we don’t force NFTs or even purchases on our readers. Want to just experience the Emergents Universe as a reader? You’re in luck! All of our comics are completely free to read.

Want to dive deeper into NFTs? Check out this helpful primer.




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